Krav Maga in Portsmouth, VA

At Katalyst Krav Maga, you can learn to invest in yourself through your fitness and mindset. No matter your skill level in self-defense, we are here to help you improve. You will learn how to defend yourself from attackers through technical and pressure drills. 

Protect Yourself Through Krav Maga

This Israeli self-defense puts a unique perspective that you might not see in other martial arts. In Krav Maga, you will learn to recognize your own disadvantages and how to counteract them. Not only will you learn about your own strengths and weaknesses, but you will also:

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Build your endurance
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Have more control over your body and strength

We can’t wait to help you develop these skills and build up your confidence. 

Teaching Self-Defense to the Portsmouth Area

Located not far off Interstate 264, our gym is easily accessible. Due to this, we proudly serve Portsmouth, VA, and the surrounding areas. With a national crime rate that is increasing, self-defense can be a very important tool for the protection of you and your loved ones. We promote learning through slow-paced technical drills, then apply those newfound skills in pressure drills. Through this, you will gain the knowledge to test for your next belt with us in one of our biannual belt tests. 

Questions You May Have

Trying something new can make you very apprehensive. Oftentimes, we get questions like the ones below. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out. We would love to assist you! 

How Many Times a Week Should I Attend Class?

In order to progress through the curriculum, we suggest you attend class 2-3 times per week. With weekly focuses, including standup grappling, grapplings, weapon defense, and striking, we want you to get a grasp of each concept fully.

Additionally, classes build upon each other. What we work on during a Monday/Tuesday class will be expanded during Wednesday/Thursday classes.

What Does Krav Maga Teach You?

Krav Maga teaches you to defend yourself in a variety of ways. With techniques ranging from throwing punches, kicks, and elbows to escaping chokes and other holds. Whether on the ground stuck in a wrestling match or held from behind, you will learn techniques to help escape these unfortunate circumstances. 

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We can’t wait to meet you! Our coaches are excited to help you along your journey here at Katalyst Krav Maga. You can book your free trial class using the form below or call us anytime.