Krav Maga Near Me in Portsmouth, VA

Katalyst Krav Maga offers Krav Maga classes for everyone, including those from the Portsmouth area. We will train you to have the tools to defend yourself and your loved ones in the event of an attack. This Israeli martial art allows you to increase your physical fitness through a full-body, interactive workout.

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Krav Maga Teaches You Awareness of Your Surroundings

Designed to be a close combat defense system, Krav Maga gives you the tools to fend off single or multiple attackers. We train through pressure drills one-on-one with partners or in trios. These drills help:

  • Train you to keep attackers in your cone of sight
  • Grow your awareness of where physical barriers are
  • Train your coordination to fight one or multiple attackers

In addition to growing your awareness of your surroundings, you will also increase your reactivity through training with reactive striking and preventative strategies. 

Self-Defense Near Portsmouth

Less than a mile from Town Center in Virginia Beach, our gym is easy to access from Portsmouth, VA, and the surrounding areas. Conveniently located next to Mount Trashmore, we have integrated runs and hill sprints into our Saturday morning conditioning class.

New Adventures Mean New Questions

Trying new things, especially when it comes to your health, can raise a lot of questions. If you have a question you do not see answered below, please contact us!

Does the US Military Use Krav Maga?

The US Military has adopted several martial arts styles for their soldiers. Part of this Modern Army Combative System does include Krav Maga but also uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Eskrima, and many other martial arts.

Do You Punch in Krav Maga?

Krav Maga aims to teach self-defense tools, including punches, kicking, stand-up grappling, and ground wrestling. You will learn different strikes like straight punches, hooks, body shots, and uppercuts. These strikes can create distance between you and any attackers and potentially debilitate them.

Does Krav Maga Change Your Body?

Krav Maga is a high-intensity cardio workout. Training with us helps you build muscle and burn fat in the process. Our classes provide you with body weight and repetition exercises and drills. Coupled with our supplemental conditioning class, you can increase your strength and the leanness of your muscles.

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We offer a flexible class schedule with options that fit your schedule! Our owner, David Bergman, and our team of assistant coaches can’t wait to meet you and set you on your fitness journey. Contact us today or sign up for a free trial class.