Martial Arts Near Hampton Roads, VA

Katalyst Krav Maga is proud to provide the Hampton Roads area of Virginia with martial arts classes. Translating to “the art of war,”  you will learn the beauty of fighting through various technical and competitive drills. During training, you will also notice weight loss and muscular growth.

martial arts Hampton roads

Training The Body And The Mind Through Marital Arts

You can take control of your power, both physical and mental. You will work through technical drills at Katalyst Krav Maga to build understanding. Over time, you will begin to recognize these patterns and know how to handle attacks properly. These techniques are learned through repetition and competition, as our brains learn faster when having fun. We also have a Fighter Fitness class that incorporates workouts with sandbags, kettlebells, medicine balls, and bodyweight exercises to improve your stamina and strength.

Excited To Train The Hampton Roads Area

The Hampton Roads covers Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, and Newport News areas of Virginia. We are thrilled to be in a community that flourishes off physical activity and supports local businesses. Hundreds of companies in Hampton Roads Commerce give everyone access to support the local families who own them. When you support local businesses, you are paying rent for a family and buying shoes and school supplies for a child.

We are also proud to be serving a military community. With four significant bases, we have many clients who are or are relatives of service members. At Katalyst Krav Maga, we are a community that supports each other and is proud to serve the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  

Questions You May Have

When starting new things, you must have questions. If you have a question that you need to see listed below, feel free to contact us!

How Many Styles Of Martial Arts Are There?

There are over 180 styles of martial arts that you can learn. While they all share some similarities, such as discipline, core focus, and techniques, every single style has something that sets them apart from the rest. Learning 2-3 styles over time can be beneficial for improvement.  

How Often Should I Go To Martial Arts Classes?

You grow in martial arts through consistency. This means that the more you attend class, the faster you progress. Attending 2 to 3 weekly classes at Katalyst Krav Maga will help you move through the curriculum and rank up in belts.

Start Your Martial Arts Journey