Martial Arts Near Chesapeake, VA

Katalyst Krav Maga offers martial arts classes to Chesapeake, VA, and surrounding areas. Here, you can train like many professional athletes have in order to gain self-discipline, control over movement, and build muscle mass. 

martial arts near chesapeake

Training For Your Future Through Martial Arts

Martial Arts are a series of systems in place to handle combat and are often used as self defense. Training in this manner will help you gain: 

  • Self-confidence in your increasing strength and ability to defend yourself
  • Self-discipline by giving you a safe space to overcome your weaknesses
  • Strength and muscle definition through repetitive motion

Our coach, David Bergman, allows you some freedom during drills to be able to practice the skills that you learn in real time sparring situations. In a majority of the skills you learn in almost any martial arts gym, you will see similar principles. Not just that, but engaging in 150 minutes of exercise per week can increase your life by 7 years. While your muscle mass and endurance will increase, so will your lifespan! 

Serving Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake, VA, is at the center of the military hub of Virginia. Just over in neighboring cities, you will find Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy, and even a Coast Guard Annex. From the Norfolk Zoo to the Virginia Aquarium to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, there is always something beautiful to admire. With only a quick trip down the interstate, you can visit the historic Chesapeake Bay and First Landing State Park. We proudly serve Chesapeake, VA, and the rich history surrounding it. 

Questions You May Have

Martial Arts have been around for hundreds of years, meaning there have been plenty of questions previously asked. We are happy to answer any of your questions. If you do not see one listed here, please contact us!

What Are Basic Martial Arts?

Basic Martial Arts are what you will see shared across most martial art styles. This includes kicking, striking, leg sweeps, and defenses for those tactics.  This is where you see many of the same principles repeated. Learning these will give you a foundation to build upon in the future. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn Martial Arts?

Learning the basics of Martial Arts can take several months to a year.  From there, you begin to build upon your knowledge, ranking up the belt system can take a year to 18 months per belt. 

Come Learn With Us

Our coach, David Bergman, and our team of assistant coaches can’t wait to work alongside you on your martial arts journey. With nearly 20 years of martial arts experience, David has trained many others on their journey. Sign up for your trial class today!