Martial Arts Near Norfolk, VA

Katalyst Krav Maga trains Norfolk, VA, and surrounding areas in martial arts. Our coach, David Bergman, has been training for almost 20 years. Martial arts help build your self-discipline throughout training. 

martial arts near norfolk va

Build Your Strength & Self-Discipline

You can build strength and develop muscle mass while training. Martial arts is about self-discipline and showing up. The days when you show up when you don’t want to are the most important. We have practice drills to help:

  • Build strength through repetitive motion
  • Gain muscle memory
  • Begin to understand the principles behind the techniques practiced.

Across the board, in almost every martial art, you will find that the principle behind most techniques remains the same. At Katalyst Krav Maga, we use drills that allow you some freedom when learning the principle behind the method. 

Training Norfolk, VA, in Martial Arts

Norfolk, VA, and the surrounding areas of Hampton Roads are home to many military bases, including the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Marines. Virginia Beach is just fifteen minutes away and home to Pharrell Williams’ “Something In The Water” oceanfront music festival. Our gym is next to Mount Trashmore, a bustling activity center in Virginia Beach, VA. Katalyst Krav Maga is proud to serve the men and women of Norfolk, VA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Martial arts have many variants; you can learn about yourself and your flexibility. Contact us if you don’t see any questions answered below. We would be happy to help!

What is a Traditional Martial Art?

Traditional martial arts teach a variety of ways to handle an attack. From wrestling on the ground to throwing and receiving kicks and punches, you will learn various techniques that are interconnected to similar principles.

How Should a Beginner Start Training Martial Arts?

The key to beginning classes is to sign up. You will want to build consistency and strength, as well as remain humble and open to correction from coaches. We happily offer conditioning classes that use a combination of body weight and kettlebell exercises to increase strength.

Schedule Your Free Trial Class Today

Our owner and lead coach, David Bergman, and his team of assistant coaches are excited to welcome you to join the martial arts world. We offer free trial classes for those who are interested in trying. The coaches and members of Katalyst Krav Maga can’t wait to meet you!