Self-Defense Near Chesapeake, VA

Katalyst Krav Maga teaches self-defense classes to the residents of Chesapeake, VA, and surrounding areas.  Here, you will prepare yourself for the unknown dangers of the modern world. You can begin your training with us today to be better protected tomorrow.

self-defense near chesapeake

Self-Defense is Important in a Dangerous World

Between 2021 and 2022, there was a 5.6% increase in violent crimes in Virginia. This includes aggravated assault, robberies, and homicides.  We will give you the tools to be able to defend yourself by teaching you to:

  • Handle aggressive advances, such as kicks and punches
  • Set your confrontation boundaries
  • Maintain a safe distance from attackers
  • Defend against weapons at close and medium-range distances

These skills are crucial to your tool belt during an attack. Our coach, David Bergman, doesn’t believe in an abundance of mediocre skills. We aim to teach you 20-25 skills throughout your self-defense career. We will learn and refine them continually, following similar principles and applying them across multiple orientations.

We Proudly Serve Chesapeake, VA

Katalyst Krav Maga proudly serves Chesapeake, VA, and the surrounding areas. Buzzing with life, Chesapeake offers many activities for families, couples, and young singles alike.  With four different military branches in Norfolk, VA, Hampton, VA, and Virginia Beach, VA, there is always a patriotic event nearby.  There will always be something to enjoy, from Something in The Water in Virginia Beach to the Norfolk Taco Festival. 

Answering Common Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! If you have a question you do not see listed below, please call us, and we will happily answer it!

What Should You Not Do During A Fight?

You should never turn your back on an attacker. To prevent this, you can move into an arching motion around someone approaching you. Giving your back or extended limbs can harm your safety during an altercation. Keep people in your cone of vision, elbows, and arms anchored into your body, and never let anyone take your back.

What Age Is Too Old to Learn How to Fight?

There is never a “correct” age to learn how to fight. At Katalyst Krav Maga, we have classes for all ages. We want to give everyone the tools to defend themselves in any and all situations. Not just that, but it will increase your physical fitness along the way. 

What Part of You Is The Most Vulnerable When Fighting?

When you’re fighting, the most vulnerable parts of you include your temples, groin and sides. While two of these seem obvious, the sides of your body house important organs, such as your kidneys and liver. Additionally, allowing an attacker to get to your back puts you further at risk of injury. 

Sign Up For Your Trial Class Today!

We offer trial classes for you to get a taste for self-defense classes and the camaraderie that follows. Our coach, David Bergman, and our team of assistant coaches can not wait to learn with you and your entire family. Contact us today for a trial class!