Self-Defense Classes Near Norfolk, VA

Every day, people are attacked while going about everyday life. Katalyst Krav Maga offers self-defense classes to Norfolk, VA, and the surrounding areas. We will give you the tools to defend yourself when needed.

Self-Defense Classes Norfolk VA

Increase Your Awareness

Our foundational self-defense classes allow you to build your skills from the beginning of your journey. With us, you will learn to:

  • Manage unknown contacts
  • Establish verbal boundaries during confrontation
  • Defend against attackers with weapons
  • Punch and kick to keep your distance from an attacker

Our team will teach you the tools to keep yourself and others around you safe. 

Teaching Self-Defense to Norfolk, VA

Although we are located in Virginia Beach, VA, we proudly serve Norfolk, VA, and the surrounding areas. Norfolk is well-known for having one of the largest Naval bases on the East Coast. Not only that, but Virginia Beach and Hampton house multiple military bases, including Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, and Marines. Our location is next to Mount Trashmore – the activity hub of Virginia Beach, where many run, walk and enjoy the views!

Answering Your Questions

Starting self-defense classes may raise many questions, and we are happy to answer them! If you have any questions that still need to be answered below, we will gladly answer them via call or email. 

What is the #1 Rule of Self-Defense?

According to our owner and head coach, David Bergman, the #1 rule of self-defense is to stay upright and conscious. This may sound like two rules; however, they go hand in hand. Remaining upright gives you an upper hand to defend yourself and run away when the opportunity presents itself. 

We train you to be able to keep your upright and dominant position, as well as stay conscious as much as possible. If the situation arises that you are no longer vertical, we train you in defenses against soccer-style kicks, curb-stomps, and other attacks to your safety while on the ground. 

How Can I Train Myself in Self-Defense?

Outside of training in classes, you can begin to practice self-defense by: 

  • Keeping your distance from strangers when possible
  • Set firm verbal boundaries and personally decide what those boundaries are
  • Present yourself with confidence through your posture and tone
  • Trust your instincts

Building these tools will help you when you are approached in most public outings. How you project yourself shows those around you a lot about your strength and confidence levels. This typically helps attackers cue in their next victims. 

Book Your Self-Defense Trial Today!

If you want to start self-defense classes near Norfolk, VA, Katalyst Krav Maga is excited to teach you. Our head coach, David Bergman, and assistant coaches can’t wait to begin training alongside you. You can email or call us to book your free trial class!