Self-Defense Classes Near Virginia Beach, VA

Katalyst Krav Maga strives to teach you self-defense in an increasingly violent society. We aim to increase your awareness of your surroundings and give you the tools and techniques to fend off attackers. In Virginia, aggravated assault comprised 68% of violent crimes in 2022.  Learning to protect yourself now will be a valuable skill in the future. We proudly teach self-defense to the Virginia Beach, VA, area.

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Self-Defense Teaches the Protection Of the Mind And Body

Self-defense gives you the tools and techniques to protect yourself and your family during an attack. You will learn the proper methods for receiving and throwing punches, defending yourself against weapons at various distances, and attaining and retaining the dominant position during stand-up and on-the-ground wrestling.

We train with technical and pressure drills to ensure you have the technique to defend yourself properly. This also helps you become used to the intensity of pressure drills in a controlled environment. At Kayalyst Krav Maga, you will also learn weapons defense, from talking an assailant down to controlling the hand with the weapon. 

Helping Protect The Citizens of Virginia Beach, VA

Voted one of the top 30 beach towns in the United States, Virginia Beach has plenty of nightlife and activities to explore. Conveniently located between Mount Trashmore and Town Center, Katalyst Krav Maga is at the heart of Hampton Roads. We proudly serve Virginia Beach, VA, and the surrounding areas

Questions You May Have

New sports often lead to further questions. If you have questions you don’t see listed here, please contact us! Our team is happy to answer any questions to get you started on your self-defense journey.

Can You Apply Self-Defense In Your Life?

Yes, self-defense helps build an awareness of your body and your surroundings. Learning it helps build muscle and stamina, and it also enables you to protect yourself and others around you. Self-defense applies not only during an attack but in daily life. 

What Does Self-Defense Mean?

Self-defense means to protect ones-self or others from the attack of another. This could be by punching or wrestling until you can escape the predator. 

Is It Okay To Defend Yourself In A Fight?

Different states have different laws regarding self-defense. In most places, you can use the amount of force used to remove the threat. You are permitted to use deadly force if you receive a fatal peril.

Sign Up For Our 5-Week Challenge

If you want to try our self-defense classes, sign up for our new 5-week challenge where you’ll start with your free trial class. After your trial class, we will go over all the details for the challenge. David Bergman, our head coach, and the assistant coaches here are excited to meet you and get you started on your self-defense journey.