Katalyst Krav Maga


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Are you looking for self-defense near you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Katalyst Krav Maga offers martial arts and self-defense classes that can help you protect yourself from harm. Our classes are taught by our experienced instructor, David Bergman, and assistant coaches who will teach you the skills you need to defend yourself against a variety of attackers.

Why Katalyst?

There are many reasons why you should choose Katalyst for your self-defense needs. First, our instructors are highly experienced and qualified. They have extensive training in self-defense and can teach you the skills you need to protect yourself. Second, our classes are practical and effective. We teach you the skills you need to use in real-world situations. Third, our classes are fun and challenging. You’ll learn while you’re having fun, and you’ll be motivated to keep coming back.

Our Self-Defense Curriculum

Whether you are in our teen classes, beginner classes, or intermediate classes, you will get a full-range of our curriculum each month. Our classes build on each other, so be sure to come multiple days per week to increase your knowledge of the techniques we are working on. David Bergman, our instructor here at Katalyst Krav Maga, is trained in multiple forms of martial arts and this knowledge gets passed on to all of our students.

Here is the curriculum we rotate through each month:

Get Started Today!

When you are ready to start learning self-defense and other forms of martial arts, contact our team here at Katalyst Krav Maga for your free trial class. We are located near Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach, VA, and are proud to serve the surrounding areas. Come see why we are the best self-defense gym around!